Remnant - Verticle Slice

Project description

Remnant is a first-person puzzle game where you have the ability to travel between the past and present. The playable environment has been damaged by time, so, the decent looking part of the game that you're seeing is the past. Actions done in the past also affect the present. Solve the puzzle by changing timelines and altering the present to your advantage. Since this was made in only three weeks, a lot of stuff is unfinished. The animations for pressing buttons and pulling levers are not there, all sounds are placeholders, textures are missing and some objects are clipping, just to name a few. Please take this for what it is, a vertical slice.

game image

My contribution

I acted as Lead Programmer for this project. Apart from the responsibility aspect, I made the pawn movement, as well as all the interactable actor base classes. Additionally, a lot of puzzle functionality had to be hard coded which I did as well.